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"30 years of trust and tax professional experience"

Wendell K. Lee CPA, CGMA, MT

A former founding partner of Accuity LLP, one of the Hawaii's largest accounting firms, with over 30 years of tax experience. A former tax partner of the international accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Wendell was the first partner of Hawaiian ancestry at the firm. His clients included individuals, partnerships, estates, trusts, and non-profits organizations.

“Need a professional trustee to manage your financial affairs or estate?”

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Our Services

Helping you get through Tough times

At TASHAWAII we work with your tax and law professionals

Work with your banker to setup trust bank accounts

Assist with assembling assets and appraisals

Prepare paperwork to transfer pension and 401(K) plans

Manage Rental properties

Assist with trust funding optimization

Deal with Estate Claims

Assist with beneficiary asset distribution

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“Have you been named as a trustee or personal representative of an estate or trust, and have no clue what to do?”

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What our customers are saying

Life does not stop for anyone or anything. After the sudden passing of my brother whom I adored, I was devastated beyond words and found myself quite unraveled. Grieving was hard enough without having to deal with the onslaught of new and unfamiliar administrative duties as the trustee of his trust and affairs...