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Due to high costs associated with corporate trustees and organizations attorneys usually encourage clients to name a family member or trusted friend to manage their estate affairs.

However, most people have no idea of the many tasks involved in the administration of a trust or estate.

Many individuals who have been appointed as fiduciary of a trust have no experience in the numerous steps and organization that is required to manage an estate of a decedent that can lead to frustration and even lawsuits between the trustee and beneficiaries

With our years of accounting and tax experience, TASHAWAII can help you with the process from the beginning to end in a very understanding, hands-on, and professional manner.

Need a professional trustee to help you manage your estate or when you need assistance?

Our Services

At TASHAWAII we work with your tax and law professionals

Work with your banker to setup trust bank accounts

Assist with assembling assets and appraisals

Prepare paperwork to transfer pension and 401(K) plans

Manage Rental properties

Assist with trust funding optimization

Deal with Estate Claims

Assist with beneficiary asset distribution

Obtain federal and state identification number for trusts

Compile tax documents for your tax accountant

Work with your broker to transfer accounts to trust or beneficiaries

Prepare checks to pay estate expenses

Prepare accounting records and reports for beneficiaries